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MSR Advisor Rare Disease

Provide external and internal, therapeutic Area/BU –relevant advanced patient-centric medical, clinical and scientific know-how. Ensure appropriate use of medicinal products, through medical professionalism, engagement in long-term peer-to-peer customer relationships, generation and medical-to-medical communication of relevant data. Integrate customer medical insights into the country medical and brand strategy, provide medical and scientific strategic support to the regional medical team, medical leadership to the country brand team, country and / or local XFTs, drive implementation of the country medical plan. Provide medical affair leadership to the clinical development and registration process of pipeline compounds in the relevant TA, and to the post-approval in country Lyfe Cycle Management (LCM).

•Respond to, listen to and understand customers’ needs
•Develop and consolidate an appropriate network of long term peer-to-peer relationships (customer facing percentage effort and areas at discretion of manager) with the Top Scientist and Scientific Institutions and medically-relevant traditional and non-traditional KOLs (payers) at the national and local level based on medical and scientific relevance
•Develop collaborations with KOLs based on area of mutual scientific interest
•Listen to customers with a prepared mind in order to recognize customer insights on health care issues / TA / unmet needs / patient needs, pipeline and products
•Integrate customer medical insights into the country medical and brand strategy
•Respond to unsolicited medical requests (on-label and off-label) and customer needs
•Record unsolicited medical requests (UMR), DFOs and customer insights with appropriate business communication, in compliance with local and company policy and highlight medical value and impact
•Champion the company medical and scientific leadership with KOLs/Scientific Societies etc.Gather insights on disease area and pathology related to clinical trial programs and protocols (feasibility) from potential investigators for our pipeline assets as required by development and RMM groups

Data Generation
•Drive data generation strategy based on medical strategies and data gap analysis
•Drive conception, protocol design, implementation and conduction of local post-approval Pfizer-sponsored studies, evaluate the final reports and define the strategy for the dissemination of the data
•Drive and leverage RWD (Real World Data) generation (registries, NIS)
•Drive local publication strategy and plan
•Discuss, evaluate and present to the appropriate local or above-country governance bodies requests for research grants / IIR / Collaborative Studies (CT44) etc. in line with medical strategies
•Act as single point of medical interface with the respective KOLs and investigators (for NIS and IIR) on the territory
•Coordinate support for adequate IIR/NIS studies management and implementation.
•Sign-off M2M local communication material prepared locally or by the European team in order to ensure compliance with the local regulatory, legal and clinical practice standards

Data Communication
•Communicate scientific information to traditional and non-traditional (payers, pharmacists) KOLs through ‘Medical-to-Medical’ communication (individual meetings and group), in line with company procedures
•Communicate data (on label and off-label upon unsolicited medical request) in a fair and balanced way to ensure that our customers understand the value of our medicines and are able to form their own professional judgment
•Ensure the appropriate use of our medicines
•Lead internal training to commercial including but not limited to institutional meetings with sales force (training to include disease physiopathology, therapy, clinical course, differential diagnosis and patient management)

•Support the supervisor in defining the local product / Therapeutic Area/ BU medical strategies and tactics based on regional medical plan and in developing Op Plans
•Analyze customer insights and action them into the country medical and marketing strategy
•Liase with the regional medical team in leveraging customer insights
•Contribute to the preparation of medical operating plans for the products (in –line or pipeline) on the basis of identified local needs and insights and opportunities in the relevant therapeutic area in alignment with BU XFT (cross Functional Team) strategies
•Liase with the regional medical team and participate to regional meetings and training and act as train-the-trainer in country, based on training received at regional level, including training for therapeutic area / disease management/ patient management / pipeline and product discussions and trainings
•Develop and contribute to the implementation of medical activities centered on the patient best interest
•Define, and develop the relevant service-based scientific and medical activities with national and local KOLs (e.g. Meetings, conventions, Advisory Boards, etc.) in order to adequately support customer insights and needs, medical and brand strategy
•Provide scientific and medical expertise to KOL
•Provide scientific and medical leadership, for the relevant local brands, to the Customer and brand Manager in order to define, prepare and implement national and local marketing initiatives (as applicable)
•Champion the value of medical department and activities through appropriate communication (metric reports, SPAR Stories, newsletters and other reports as required)

Additional activities
•Respond to request for and implement Compassionate Use programs after evaluation of appropriateness of request based on patient clinical data provided by requesting physician and relevant literature
•Sign-off promotional material to be submitted to RC
•Lead development and sign-off (Health Hazard Assessments) for AQRT (Area Quality Review Team) and in general evaluate safety profile of a medication
•Contribute to in country / regional / global product or BU BRC (Benefit Risk Committee) discussions where appropriate
•Drives preparation of regulatory and access dossier at national and local level and other documents for regulatory agency and local health care institutions
•Drive strategy and conduct access presentations at local, regional and national level
•Support the Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Departments for the relevant compliance activities (label, AE reporting, etc.)
•Conduct internal and external clinically-oriented therapeutic areas / disease management/ patient management presentations (where patient care knowledge is required)
•Lead projects involving patient management and clinical expertise
•Single point of accountability for a TA, molecule or product

•Medicine degree required
•>3 years industry or clinical, or academic experience, clinical experience post MD degree is strongly preferred. Research experience with track record of publications is also preferred
•Experience in conducting clinical research activities is strongly preferred
•Knowledge of clinical development processes
•General knowledge in the Transthyretin Amyloidosis Therapeutic Area is preferred
•Fluent English plus Italian Medical Professionalism
•Seizes accountability
•Team player
•Grows self and others
•Prioritizes and multitasks
•Business acumen
•Acts decisively
•Commits to One Pfizer
•Customer and patient-centric


Degrees of interest: Medicine - Healthcare, Sciences