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CORSO ONLINE - Missione CRA – clinical research training course

In this course you will find some information about the 40-hour clinical research course “Missione CRA”. The training course that taught clinical research to over 500 professionals! In particular we discuss about:

  • The different editions of the course;
  • Why take part to the course;
  • Testimonials of people who have already attended this course;
  • Differences between “Missione CRA” and other courses or Master in this field.

Moreover, you will learn about Ministerial Decree 15.11.2011 and the requirements to become CRA.

Free online training course - LINK


Degrees of interest: Medicine - Healtcare - Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Technologies, Medicine - Healtcare - Pharmacy, Medicine - Healtcare - Veterinary, Sciences - Biology, Sciences - Biotechnology

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