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Formulation Development Lab - Talent Pool


For Formulation Development Lab we are consatntly looking for Talent.

According to your education and experience you will participate in the development of parenteral drug product for biological entities with primary focus on formulation characterization of complex biologics (e.g. bispecific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, nanobodies, novel proprietary therapeutics, ADCs).You will involve use of innovative and modern techniques as well as high-throughput approaches to develop and characterize proteins in viable dosage forms (liquid or freeze–dried) with appropriate stability profiles of candidate molecules to meet project needs; data generated will be utilized to identify potential candidate drug product formulations.


  • Degree or PhD in biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences or similar
  • Experience with biotherapeutic parenteral formulation of proteins
  • Knowledge of protein chemistry, degradation pathways, and stabilization techniques
  • knowledge of analytical tools e.g. HPLC/UPLC, spectroscopy (circular dichroism, fluorescence, FT-IR), particle distribution and characterization (DLS, MFI), thermal analysis (DSC, ITC)
  • Knowledge of GMP requirements
  • Fluent in English

LOCATION: Tiburtina
CAREER LEVEL: C - Professional (1-3 years)


Degrees of interest: Medicine - Healtcare - Pharmacy, Sciences - Chemistry, Sciences - Biotechnology

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