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Quality Control Lab - Talent Pool


For our Quality Control lab we are constantly looking for Talents.

according to your education and experience for the IMP products, market products, stability studies, you will ensure correct and timely preparation of the QC documentation in compliance with current GMP regulations (notebook, diary, protocol, report, etc.), you will autonomously drafting analytical and accounting tables for the interpretation and sharing of analytical data. You will be able to guarantee the traceability and the attention of analytical data produced both paper and electronic; draw up autonomous SOPs, protocols, study reports, and manage deviations, analytical and external failures out of specification encountered, proposing solutions in line with processes / procedure in force.


  • degree or PhD in Chemistry, CTF, Pharmacy, Biology, Biotechnology, Quality Control or similar
  • knowledge of GMP requirements and international guidelines (e.g ICH) and data integrity requirements
  • knowledge of the analytical tool mainly LC (GC, HPLC and UPLC with multiple detection and MS); electrophoretic analyzes such as: IEF, SDS-PAGE, Western blotting CZE, iCE CE-SDS
  • knowledge of Excel and Statistics;
  • fluent in English

LOCATION: Lazio - all
CAREER LEVEL: B - Recent University Graduate (<1 year of experien)


Degrees of interest: Medicine - Healtcare - Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Technologies, Medicine - Healtcare - Pharmacy, Sciences - Biology, Sciences - Chemistry, Sciences - Biotechnology

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